The precious D.O.C. Friuli Grave vineyards

The 120 hectares of the Cantina San Martino vineyards, cultivated with care for a low-yield per hectare, stretch out perfectly between the provinces of Udine and Pordenone, in the precious “Grave” D.O.C. land. Here you can surprisingly discover the unexpected generosity of nature, with the richest vines being allowed to take root and grow from the stony soil. All happening in that Registered Designation of Origin area, well know for the originality of its composition, result of a millenary deposit of calcareous-dolomitic limestone material brought downstream from alluvial river floods. An area sheltered by mountains from the cold winds incoming from the north and caressed by the light sea breeze from the Adriatic, providing a microclimate particularly suited to the cultivation of grapevines, thanks to the day/night thermal excursion, exalted by the widespread stony surface of the ground. A land with a strong personality, with a vocation for growing grapevines of the highest quality, with exceptional grapes characterised by their absolutely unique fragrance.