Celso Gerardi - Master of colors

From November 15 to December 31, 2010
Celso Gerardi was born in Zoppola in November 1926.
He is a painter who takes inspiration from the rural culture of Friuli: the ruined houses, the vineyards, the expressive nature of flowers, the wheat grain, farm tools, but also the marine and the world of the lagoon. He gives us a simple legacy, the human nature that immerses us in fresh colors and warm colors.
Artist known for oils, in the latest years he has experimented watercolor technique and engraving with works of great value.
This exhibition brings together more than half a century of signs and colors to tell the life of a land, the expression of a daily routine that stops time, a world that perhaps is lost.
The works exhibited reflect a world of new discoveries and sweet memories immersed in the poetry of the past in our Friuli.

A past that takes new life in the reality where is exibited.



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