11 November - Saint Martin's Day

November 11 it is Saint Martin's day and we will be closed. It is a day that we love to celebrate because, besides being the anniversary of the patron of our town San Martino al Tagliamento, in the past was one of the most important day in the world of farmers. In fact, during these days there was the end of the harvest works and the landowners would renewed the contracts of sharecropping: now farmers would have celebrated the beginning of a new year of work or, on the contrary, they would be forced to leave their old house in search of a new lord lord (in many areas of northern Italy 'to do St. Martin' was synonymous with 'to move'). Furthermore, we think the figure of a soldier on horseback who gives a piece of his cloak to a beggar is dear to everyone, because it is the emblem of the fundamental values of sharing and solidarity. In this spirit we wish you to spend an evening, like in Friuli we use, with the company of family and friends, perhaps with the chestnuts and the wine as in the old italian proverb: San Martino, castagne e vino.



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