Born as research activities with universities and companies, in the vineyards we adopted what have become good agricultural practices for sustainable viticulture, respectful of health and the environment.

From targeted phytosanitary treatments with recovery sprayers, already tested in the early 2000s, to the most efficient defoliating machines. From 100% biological plant protection products which stimulate the natural defences of the plants, to pheromones to protect the vineyards from parasites.

We use alternative systems to herbicides as much as possible to keep the vines free from weeds. In addition, we limit water consumption with underground irrigation systems, which are also used to feed the vines with fertigation.

The use of resources is also rationalised in the cellar. For example, we use energy from renewable sources and heat recovery from winemaking processes.

We also adopt sustainability from an architectural point of view. Our headquarters was completed in 2007 and is still today the largest green building in Friuli Venezia Giulia: no cement, only wood and totally recyclable materials and maximum energy efficiency.