Venezia Giulia

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Wine characteristics Téis

Téis like the centuries-old lime trees along the bank of the great river that shelter the vineyard from the Alpine breezes. A fresh and perfumed white wine with fragrances of wild herbs, hawthorn flowers, almonds and ripe pears.
Citrusy aromas are enriched with tropical notes with ageing and  ombine with the harmonious structure in a surprisingly soft and persistent sip.

Recommended with Téis

An extremely versatile white, it goes well with vegetable starters and seafood dishes.
Ideal with the traditional baccalà mantecato.

Serving temperature Téis

10–12 °C; 50–52 °F.


  • Bibenda, 4 Bunches
  • Guida Veronelli, 3 Stars
  • Falstaff, 91 pt.
  • Vini d’Italia del Gambero Rosso, 2 Glasses
Soil Gravely of alluvial foothill origin, typical of the land named “Grave del Friuli”.
Grapes Pinot Grigio/Malvasia.
Growing system Guyot.
Harvest First fortnight of September.
Vinification The must extracted from the pulp, by soft squeezing, is separated from the skins before fermentation begins.
The fermentation is done under controlled temperature to favour the extraction of colours, of taste and the growth and the preservation of the original aromas of the grapes.
Fining In bottle.