Venezia Giulia

Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Wine from semi-dried Native grapes


Wine characteristics Angelo – Wine from semi-dried native grapes

It’s a great wine for meditation, structured and complex. Produced from sun-dried grapes aged in woods. Full, pleasant, semi-sweet. Deep yellow coloured, it recalls vanilla, candied fruits and wild flowers.

Recommended with Angelo – Wine from semi-dried native grapes

Well with some starters and shellfish. It surprises when combined with spicy sharp cheese or goose liver pâté. The best match is reserved with dry fruit and biscuits.

Serving temperature Angelo – Wine from semi-dried native grapes

12 °C; 54 °F.


  • The WineHunter Award,
    Red Medal
  • Bibenda, 4 Bunches
  • Vinibuoni d’Italia, 4 Stars
  • Vini d’Italia del Gambero Rosso,
    2 Glasses
  • Gilbert & Gaillard International
    Wine Guide, 85 pt.
  • Bibenda, 4 Bunches
  • I vini di Veronelli, 86 pt.
Soil Gravely of alluvial foothill origin, typical of the land named “Grave del Friuli”.
Grapes Local varieties from Friuli.
Growing system Guyot.
Harvest Manual, late Setpember.
Vinification Grapes drying for 60 days and white vinification, i.e. separating the must from the skins with soft pressing. Temperature controlled fermentation at 20 °C to facilitate the development and the preservation of original aromas.
Fining 18 months in oak barrique.
Production 2000 numbered bottles.